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I build and manage HubSpot Marketing campaigns, SEO inbound content, and develop LinkedIn B2B marketing. 

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M. Frank Johnson • HubSpot Certified
100% Remote • Made In USA

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Our Services

  • HubSpot Portal Management

    We deliver NDA-Protected TouchPoint Hours monthly for HubSpot Pro & HubSpot Enterprise portals. Includes - Custom Workflows, Landing Pages (LPs), Thank You Pages (TYPs), Email Campaigns, SMART Lists, Tracking URL Creation, CRM Customizations, Lead Scoring, CRM Migration, List Imports, Dashboard Reporting, Source Reporting, etc.. HubSpot CMS Templating and Training billed separately.

  • Content Marketing

    We deliver branded eBooks, Case Studies, Tech Manuals, Email Copy, Landing Page Copy, Webpage Copy designed to convert visitors into leads.

  • LinkedIn B2B Marketing

    We deliver LinkedIn Profile Optimization, LinkedIn Company Page Development, and LinkedIn B2B Lead Prospecting (see terms). LinkedIn Training billed separately.

HubSpot Campaigns

Built Since 2014

  • 80%Still Active
  • 1M+Page Views
  • 200+Campaigns
  • Certified HubSpot Marketing Expertise

    Add certified HubSpot Marketing expertise to your team immediately.

  • Faster HubSpot Onboarding

    Cut your HubSpot onboarding time in half (from 90 to 45 days).

  • Cost-Effective HubSpot Consulting

    Save over 40% on HubSpot consulting and training costs.

Content Campaigns

  • 85%Still Active
  • 1M+Page Views
  • 300+Campaigns
  • Certified Content Marketing Expertise

    Add certified Content Marketing expertise to your team immediately.

  • Inbound Content Assets

    Develop SEO'd inbound content assets that perfectly align with your inbound marketing goals.

  • Cost-Effective Content Consulting

    Brand your content so your audience understands your products and services before they buy.

LinkedIn Campaigns

  • 90%Still Active
  • 1M+Page Views
  • 500+Campaigns
  • On-Demand LinkedIn Marketing Expertise

    Add LinkedIn Marketing expertise to your team immediately.

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    Help clients or employers find you fast on LinkedIn.

  • Cost-Effective LinkedIn Consulting

    Save over 40% on LinkedIn Marketing consulting and training costs.


HubSpot Portal Management

HubSpot Portal Management

From Special Price $589 Regular price $1,767

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

From Regular price $499

LinkedIn B2B Marketing

LinkedIn B2B Marketing

From Special Price $299 Regular price $399


What are your current minimum turnaround timeframes?

We conduct your project kickoff meeting within 2 days of your paid invoice date and generally book new work within 10-30 days (depending on the type of work). The following minimum turnaround timeframes are a guideline once we schedule your work for delivery.

  5+ Days - HubSpot Marketing Tasks
  7+ Days - Content Marketing Deliverables
  5+ Days - LinkedIn Pages
  20+ Days - LinkedIn Prospecting

All times shown in US Business Days • No Rush Orders

Do you work by the hour?

Typically no. We offer a 1 Hour paid consulting session exclusively via Upwork for new clients. We deliver all other services monthly, in blocks of time, &/or in digital content packages (i.e., ebooks, per-page SEO, per-word webpage copy, etc.).

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. As data-driven Inbound Marketers and original content producers, clients expect us to have data protections in place. We protect your confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before work begins. You’ll find our NDA in the footer of this website for your review.

How do you communicate with clients?

Clients schedule same-day calls via our 'client-only' HubSpot meeting scheduler.
We prioritize all client emails within one (1) US business day if we have an open project, and two (2) US business days otherwise. 
We use HubSpot trackable email and regularly share screens using GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype and UberConference exclusively. We schedule 'standing meetings' in advance for frequent project briefings &/or if we're working on an extended project together.

What are HubSpot Touchpoint Hours (TpHrs)?

Touchpoint Hours are the units by which we track & bill HubSpot work for you monthly. We bundle work together to help you save and bill each separate engagement with you or your HubSpot portal in 1.0 TpHr increments. TpHrs roll over one month with quarterly billing. White label work is available with quarterly billing.

Are you available via LinkedIn Profinder, GoDaddy Pro, or Upwork?

Yes. At your option, you may hire us through LinkedIn Profinder, GoDaddy Pro, and Upwork. However, pricing shown on this website overrides pricing shown on all other platforms. (see Terms)

Upwork Note: If we met on Upwork, you should hire us on Upwork and pay the 20% Upwork fee.

Onboarding Next Steps?

We'll conduct your Project Kickoff meeting within 2 business days after receiving your signed NDA and your paid invoice date. During that meeting we will confirm access to your account(s), share access to our confidential meeting scheduler, share access to our secure Google Drive for storage of your digital assets, and discuss your project details.

Your project kickoff meeting is a content-rich hour of power, so you'll want uninterrupted time and a high speed internet connection from which to work.

Due to mobile device limitations, you'll need to attend your Project Kickoff meeting from your desk.
(Google Chrome recommended)