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HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Templates CoverEach email you send either builds on or detracts from those sent before. This collection of HubSpot one-to-one email template examples has boosted open rates, click-through-rates (CTR), and reply rates for every client that has used them on organically obtained lists. 

Fail to use personalization in your one-to-one emails and you risk wasting the sometimes single opportunity you have to engage a decision maker -- aka: wasting email equity. Master personalization in your one-to-one emails and you risk achieving email nirvana -- the perfect email for your audience. If you view email as an opportunity to leave a great first impression of you & your company this ebook is for you.


Personalize & Congratulate

The congratulation strategy is one of the most powerful in all of email marketing. When researched properly and used appropriately in context, it elicits a natural positive response from the recipient.

 HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Template Example - Personalize & Congratulate

Personalize & Help

The help strategy can be very effective if not overly critical in its use. The offer of expertise should be genuine (with no strings attached), immediate, and of value to the prospective client.

 HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Template Example - Personalize & Help

Personalize & Compliment

Compliments appeal to most people as much as if you award them cash. The compliment should be heartfelt, specific, and include a practical example of why it’s being offered in your message.

 HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Template Example - Personalize & Compliment

Personalize & Gift

The gift strategy can be doubly effective by creating an atmosphere of ‘giving’ while demonstrating your competence to deliver great content. The content offer should be highly relevant to the prospective client.

 HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Template Example - Personalize & Gift

Personalize & Educate

The education strategy can be very effective when used as an opening to &/or in conjunction with a larger education strategy. The plan here is to establish yourself as a reliable source for the type of information you’re sharing. The intelligence should be highly specific and highly relevant to the prospective client.

 HubSpot Perfect One-to-One Email Template Example - Personalize & Educate

Notice a pattern? Yes.

Personalization. Specificity. Relevance.

Being generic may work well for some things like paper plates and napkins (according to over 50% of shoppers surveyed), but it doesn’t go over well for one-to-one emails.

Dale Carnegie reminds us that "the sweetest words to anybody in any language is their own name." And while this may be true, simply starting an email with someone’s name is no substitute for specificity and relevance of the message.

Provided you haven’t spammed them before and don’t make a mess of the subject line ...

"Email personalization alone can literally DOUBLE your email responses."

However, personalization means much more than just a person’s name. Proper research will afford you deeper insight into the business persona’s of your prospects.

Get to know both the general and specific pain points for your target audience. Then endeavor to learn if your prospects are still experiencing those pains.

Read what their customers are saying about them. Read what their employees are saying about them. Then use this information to personalize your communications.

Personalized communications at this level takes time, effort, and a genuine willingness to want to help people with whom you intend to do business.

The good news is that deep personalization can have a greater impact on reply-rates than most other factors.

You can do this.

We can help.


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